iToilet Project News


The consortium now is working on the preparation of the field trials with the final PT2 iToilet prototype system.


A consortium meeting was held on 19 February 2018 at user partner's site in Budapest focusing on preparing the field trials with upcoming PT2. During this meeting the first PT2 was installed.

The consortium is working towards improved and extended versions of the iToilet prototype system.

Hungarian user partner NIMR has received ethics approval of upcoming field trial.

The technical partners of the consortium are working on the integration and technical testing of PT2 in the laboratory of TUW.

PT2 in laboratory of TUW
Integration and technical testing by techncial partners in lab of TUW. © iToilet

The consortium has submitted the documentation needed for the ethics approval of field trials in Budapest to be carried out in 2018.

The consortium has presented iToilet at Viennese nursing congress Pflegekongress17, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017, in Vienna, Austria. The presentation was done on the exhibition booth of partner CareCenter GmbH and as a poster by partner Caritas Socialis.

exhibition booth of CareCentre at nursing congress Vienna exhibition booth of CareCentre at nursing congress Vienna exhibition booth of CareCentre at nursing congress Vienna exhibition booth of CareCentre at nursing congress Vienna poster presentation at nursing congress Vienna poster presentation at nursing congress Vienna
At Viennese nursing congress (30/11 to 01/12/2017) iToilet was presented on exhibtion booth of business partner CareCenter and as a poster. © iToilet

The prototype was presented on exhibition booth of CareCenter GmbH at ConSozial, 8-9 Nov 2017, in Nuremberg, Germany.

The consortium meeting on 6 November 2017 in Budapest focussed on preparing the lab trials with the improved prototype PT1+ which was delivered and installed by consortium partners the same day.

during installation of iToilet PT1+ at NIMR improved remote control of iToilet PT1+ at NIMR
iToilet PT1+ at laboratory of NIMR in Budapest. PT1+ brings a higher level of integraton of different ICT components (behind the rear part of the toilet seat) and more advanced modules, e.g. hand held remote control for improved user interaction. © iToilet

The poster about the positive effects of user participation in the iToilet project submitted by the MS day care centre was accepted for presentation as poster for the Viennese nursing congress Pflegekongress17, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017

The iToilet protoype PT1+ was presented at Diversity-TU-DAY, 23 October 2017, in Vienna, Austria. A report can be found here.

iToilet PT1+ at diversity day iToilet PT1+ at diversity day
iToilet PT1+ at the exhibition booth in the Kuppelsaal of TU Wien. © iToilet

Mid of October 2017 an early version of the PT2 has been integrated in the laboratory.

iToilet early integrated PT2 in the lab (front view) iToilet early integrated PT2 in the lab (side view)
Early integrated iToilet prototype 2 in the laboratory (front view, side view). © iToilet

Santis Kft. was awarded the 3rd place of the AAL Exhibtion Award 2017 at AAL Forum in Coimbra, Portugal, 2-4 Oct 2017.

award received for iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra
Price received by Santis Kft. for the exhibition booth with iToilet presentation. © iToilet

A presentation of the iToilet project was given on the yearly AAL Forum, 2 - 4 Oct 2017, in Coimbra, Portugal. About 750 participants from several European countries participated in this event. Santis presented information about the already available sanitary products on the market and about the extensions currently being prepared in the framework of the iToilet AAL project. Hands-on demo of the standing up support was offered, some components of the iToilet system (e.g. Smart-Com's sensorbox and RFID reader) were presented and the demonstration video of the PT1 lab user trials was shown.

iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra iToilet exhibition booth at AAL Forum 2017 in Coimbra
Santis' exhibition booth with iToilet presentation at AAL Forum in Coimbra, Portugal, 2-4 Oct 2017. © iToilet

A successfull mid-term review meeting took place on 28 September 2017 at the premises of CS Caritas Socialis in Vienna. Two indepent experts and two representatives of the AAL CMU and NFAs reviewed and discussed achievements and plans with the consortium. See also a report of Carecenter GmbH in German here.

foto showing  the participants of the review meeting in Vienna
Participants of the mid-term review meeting on 28 Sept 2017. © iToilet, CS

iToilet was invited for prototype presentation on the TU diversity day on October 23rd, 2017 at TU Wien, Austria.

An abstract about iToilet approach has been accepted for poster presentation on the AAL Forum, 2 - 4 Oct 2017, in Coimbra, Portugal.

A radio report about iToilet (in German) produced by the Austrian public broadcaster ORF is available as audio stream. (see publications)

Two presentations about iToilet have been given on the yearly congress of the Hungarian Rehabilitation society, 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2017, in Győr, Hungary. (see publications)

End of July 2017 two further toilet base modules (a chair-like base module for PT1+ and a LiftWC based module for PT2) were delivered to the laboratory in Vienna. Further integration work is being carried out.

iToilet early PT1a and early PT2 early PT2 (without bowl) early PT2 seen from behind early PT1+ with mounted position sensors
Photographs from early prototypes PT1+ and PT2 (without toilet bowl) during integration and technical testing in the lab of TUW. © iToilet

A draft business plan has been elaborated by the SME partners led by CareCenter GmbH.

Participatory design activities have been continued to gather user input for development of next prototype.

expert users testing new versions of handheld control devices
Towards next prototype - expert users commenting on improved versions of hand-held control devices. © iToilet, CS

A paper about iToilet user involvement was presented at the 2017 IEEE 15th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics ICORR 2017 in London, 17-20 July 2017.

An oral presentation about iToilet (in German) was given at Forum IKT at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, 4-5 July 2017.

A video recording demonstrating the features of the iToilet prototype 1 was produced. The video (mp4) can be downloaded here (in German with captions in English).

iToilet demo video iToilet demo video iToilet demo video iToilet demo video
Still photographs from iToilet demo video. © iToilet

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology produced a brochure (in English and in German) about benefit/AAL. iToilet was selected as one of the project examples. (see publications)

title page of AAL/benefit brochure in English
Brochures about AAL / benefit. © BMVIT/FFG

The first laboratory tests with the 1st prototypes have been completed end of June 2017 in Hungary. The trial partners in Budpaest and Vienna are preparing a joint evaluation report including recommendations based on the discussion in the consortium.

A full project meeting (hosted by partner NIMR) took place in Budapest. The findings from user trials with the first prototype were presented and discussed. The planning of the 2nd prototype and the business plan were further important topics.

The iToilet project has been presented orally and on an exhibition booth at uDay XV – Umgebungsunterstütztes Leben in Dornbirn, Austria, on 22 June 2017. About 140 participants, thereof 30 senior citizens (mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Austria) attended the oral presenations and the AAL research and product exhibition.

iToilet exhibition booth at uday iToilet exhibition booth at uday iToilet exhibition booth at uday
iToilet exhibition booth at uday, 22 June 2017. © iToilet

A new prototype of a hand control unit has been built for the next Participatory Design sessions.

traditional hand held control new prototype of hand held control
Traditional (left) and new prototype (right) of hand held control device. © iToilet

The laboratory user trials with prototype 1 have been completed successfully at MS day care centre of partner CS (beginning of June 2017).

The project work was presented at CHI conference in Denver, USA, at EFRR conference in Glasgow, UK, and at eHealth conference in Vienna, Austria. (see publications)

The first laboratory tests with the 1st prototypes have been started at the trial sites in Hungary and Austria.
In parallel, the planning for improvements of prototype 1 and for prototype 2 have been started.

After some technical fine tuning the prototype 1 was ready for laboratory trials in a toilet room at MS day care centre of CS (May 2017).

iToilet prototype 1 ready for trials at Caritas Socialis
iToilet Prototype 1 ready for lab trials, May 2017. © CS/iToilet

Selected components:

Selected funcitionality:

The prototype in a toilet room at rehabilitation clinic NIMR, Budapest.

iToilet prototype at NIMR
iToilet Prototype for lab trials, May 2017. © NIMR/iToilet

The prototype during installation in a toilet room at MS day care centre of CS (April 2017).

iToilet prototype at Caritas Socialis
iToilet Prototype during installation for lab trials, April 2017. © CS/iToilet

Some technical challenges have been fixed to make the system ready for user trials in a laboratory setting.

Care experts from Caritas Socialis presented the iToilet poster [PDF in German] at Gerontologiekongress in Vienna. It outlines the involvement of older persons and MS patients in the design and development process.

poster about iToilet at Geriatriekongress
iToilet Poster at Geriatriekongress, University of Vienna, 18-21 April 2017. © CS/iToilet

Some interesting dialogues with the audience were initiated by the poster presentation, e.g. about importance of guiding technical development by expertise from user domain and about necessity for starting early involvement of tertiary users (e.g. funding organisations) into the process in order to support exploitation of future product versions.

A full project meeting took place on March 24th in Budapest (hosted by partner NIMR) after delivery of the first prototype in begin of March. Here the hands-on preparation of the prototype tests, the bug fixing and the preparation of the business plan were the main topics.

A technical integration meeting was held on January 31st in Vienna at partner CS. Exemplary installation in a real toilet room and gathering of hands-on experience of the user partners with the first prototype was done. This helped to plan the upcoming delivery and installation of PT1 at the user sites.

In parallel to the development and integration work the user partners are preparing the test of the first iToilet protoype in spring 2017 (January/February 2017). Prototype 1 will demonstrate the modular concept around the base unit in form of laboratory (supervised) tests of some fundamental functions.
The modules of the iToilet system:

are linked via the iToilet network interface.

The specifications are guiding the development of modules for prototype 1 (July - December 2016). Not all features will be implemented already in prototype 1 and the modular concept foresees options which can be added to a base unit. Some features are seen as potential add-ons for a future product.

Targeted High priority user requirements:

Targeted Medium priority user requirements:

The approval of the tests in clinical environment at partner NIMR has been received.

Another round of participatory design sessions with users and staff at partner Caritas Socialis was conducted on the topic of hand controls (December 2016).

user assessing different hand controls
User trying hand controls. © CS/iToilet

Different types of hand controls were provided for hands-on assessment. A design with big, clearly marked buttons with tactile feedback on both handrails was selected as the design goal for the iToilet prototypes.

A full project meeting was held at December 1st in Debrecen (hosted by partner Santis). Main topics were the progress of development and the planning of the prototype tests and the ethical assessment by use of the MEESTAR model.

The first of the prototype 1 chair modules (new construction) has been delivered by partner Santis. The control box for the chair functions is now integrated with the iToilet interface to allow communication with other modules. Safety and reliability of the chair functions are assessed and the tranfer to the room for installation during the user tests at partner CS is prepared (November/December 2016).

Aside from ongoing technical development the user partners with their users are co-designing some iToilet components. (October/November 2016)
During such participatory design sessions users and staff at partner Caritas Socialis recently discussed and assessed the drawbacks of current toilet paper dispensers.

user 1 trying paper dispenser user 2 trying paper dispenser
Users trying toilet paper dispensers. © CS/iToilet>

They also could try an automatic dispenser. Their proposed solutions for the iToilet prototypes will be taken up during development.

The specifications for iToilet prototype 1 have now been fixed along the documented requirements (September 2016).

The data from the requirements collection has been processed (July 2016).
A prioritisation of requirements shows that they are in line with the project plans. Individual adjustments of height and the support for sitting down and standing up are high ranked. Additional qualitative input from the focus group interviews will be incorporated into the specifications.

Combined High priority user requirements:

  1. bilateral (general stability and support), removable/foldable handrails (wheelchair)
  2. height adjustment (in a wide range) and tilt adjustment
  3. fall detection, emergency recognition and emergency call
  4. simplicity (few, straightforward buttons on both handrails)
  5. fixed toilet paper holder (on both handrails)
  6. sit down and stand up support
  7. custom settings (tilt and height) w. user identification

Combined Medium priority user requirements:

  1. self-sanitizing seat and bowl
  2. shelf/tray area
  3. upgradability, modularity
  4. automatic or button operated flush
  5. care documentation
  6. spoken commands
  7. individually formed toilet seat
  8. voice guide
  9. automatic dispensing of toilet paper
  10. bidet with dryer
  11. urine meter /analyser

A full consortium project meeting was held in July 15th in Budapest at NIMR. The prioritisation of user requirements and the transcription into specifications was discussed.

The user partner CS executed the user requirements collection in the user site in Vienna (June 2016).

First user requirements collection was done at the Hungarian test site of partner NIMR in Budapest (May 2016).
34 users, of which 20 primary users, 9 secondary users and 5 tertiary users, have been interviewed.
Participants of the user requirements collection information event in Budapest Presentation (translated to English from Hungarian) You can view the presentation given (translated from Hungarian).

Participants of the Kick off Meeting The iToilet Kick-off meeting was held in Vienna on April 22, 2016. Representatives from all consortium partners met at Caritas Socialis in Vienna to plan the upcoming work.

The iToilet project website went online on April 1st, 2016

The project started on April 1st, 2016. A press release in German about the project start can be found here and here. Press releases in other languages are currently being prepared.

The iToilet Consortium Agreement entered into force on February 1st, 2016.