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Welcome to the Centre for Applied Assistive Technologies

AAT, the "Centre for Applied Assistive Technologies" is part of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Group of the Institute of Design & Assessment of Technology (IGW, E187); thus AAT is part of the Faculty of Informatics.

Established in 1986 the Research Group for Rehabilitation Technology (fortec) forms a leading centre of expertise for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology in Austria. The multidisciplinary team consists of seven scientists plus supporting and administrative personnel. fortec’s expertise is in R&D of Assistive Technology (AT) devices and systems for disabled and older people mainly in the areas of: sensory substitution, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), smart living environments, ambient assisted living (AAL), mobility support, user interface design, Design for All (DfA), system evaluation and validation and ethical dimensions regarding involvement of vulnerable persons in technology development. At the beginning of 2012 fortec joined the Faculty of Informatics and thus became the "Centre for Applied Assistive Technologies (AAT)" within the “Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology” of the Vienna University of Technology. AAT is committed to user-driven research and employs as a general rule broad interaction with users during all phases of a project. From the more than 20 EU funded projects which AAT has carried out in FP 4, FP 5, FP 6 and FP 7 (seven of them as coordinator). For more details about our projects, see our list of projects.

The focus of AAT's activities is on applied research and development of innovative systems and services for disabled and/or old persons. Our activities cover analyses of user needs, development of concepts and prototypes, evaluation of prototypes in laboratory and in real life settings. We have very close contacts to and co-operations with user organisations e.g. day care centre for MS-patients, centre for multiple impaired children, provider of senior alarm systems and services, rescue organisations, non profit organisations for visually impaired persons, schools for handicapped children, schools for visually impaired children, homes of older persons and persons with dementia. We have elaborate expertise in tests with users, in user centred design, ethics governance & ethics management and in management of EU funded research projects (mainly ICT). Our AAL room (size 20 m²) is equipped similar to a real private home (with areas for sleeping, cooking, eating and leisure) and the adjacent observation room allows early testing in a close to real life but still controlled setting.

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