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DOMEO was a research project in the area of "Ambient Assisted Living", partly funded by the EU and by national funds. DOMEO aimed at the demonstration of the use of robots for providing support in the home of old people.


  • Showed the relevance and efficiency of an evolutionary integration platform
  • Found out the needs in robotics, sensors and 24/7 communication services for the elderly
  • Evaluated the deployment of the proposed systems in realistic environments

DOMEO consists of


A robot for cognitive support. The interaction with the user is by spoken or visual information (speech output and recognition, touchscreen).

Picture of Kompai (RobuMate) robot  User 'communicating' with Kompai

The evaluation addresses:

  • Human-robot interaction (cognitive and memory assistance)
  • Video connection to a medical centre in case of emergency
  • Stimulation for doing physical exercises and watching user behaviour
  • Navigates autonomously to pre-defined positions


for physical support.

Prototype of  'RobuWalker'

The goals:

  • Physical assistance for sit-to-stand transition and walking
  • Speed adapts to walking speed
  • Control by hand grips
  • Monitoring of heart rate and data transmission to centre


is the communication core, connecting DOMEO with the world, the service centre, therapists, MDs and relatives. This part is realized by software integrated into the RobuMate.

The DOMEO Consortium

consists of 8 partners from France, Hungary and Austria:

  • 2 SMEs
  • 1 large enterprise
  • 2 clinics
  • 3 universities

List of partners:

  • France:
    • Robosoft SA, Coordinator, Manufacturer of robots
    • Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse, Medial partner for trials
    • Université Pierre et Marie Curie – ISIR, Robotic research
    • Thales Alenia Space SA, Communication infrastructure
  • Austria:
    • Vienna University of Technology, Technical and test partner
  • Hungary:
    • National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation, Medial partner for trials
    • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Robotic and technical partner
    • Meditech Ltd, Medical sensors

The Project Facts

Project Number: AAL-2008-1-159

Project duration: 01.07.2009 – 31.06.2012

DOMEO had a total budget of 2,23 Million € for 3 years. The funding was provided in part by the EC under

the external link:AAL Joint Programme AAL logo with national co-funding by the Austrian external link:FFG link to a german site.

Our Institute contributed in the area of user requirements and laboratory testing of RobuMate with a total effort of 26 person months and a budget of 197880 €.

Project status


The project was successfully completed by the end of 2012.

Autumn 2011

Currently field trials with final prototypes of RobuMate are starting in Hungary and France.

The base functionality of RobuMate has been tested in laboratory and improved for the trials. Additional advanced functionality was developed and will be tested in laboratory.

Capture from video about RobuMate

Click for video of the prototype

RobuMaster is tested in fieldtests. A short overview can be seen in the following video of the hungarian partners:

RobuWalker will be tested in laboratory.

More Information

Note: You can find further information on the external link:Consortium Homepage.

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