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Security Issues

We are aware of the increasing need for security and trust in the internet. Therefore, all files that are provided for download on our pages and originate from our institute are digitally signed by means of a certificate.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 (or newer) and Windows XP SP2 (or newer) the certificate of a file will be checked and displayed automatically during execution. If you are using an other browser, the check may not be performed automatically, but you may still check the certificate yourself (as described below).

To ensure that a downloaded file is unchanged and really originates from our institute please check the certificate of the file. If you are using Windows XP or Vista please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the properties page for the file by right clicking the file and selecting the entry Properties (e.g. in the Explorer).
  2. Select the tab 'Digital Signatures'.
  3. Select the signature for 'Technische Universitaet Wien'.
  4. Click on Details.
  5. The signature will be displayed as invalid if the file has been modified.

For more information about internet security issues please have a look at, for example, the homepages of external LinkThawte and external LinkMicrosoft.

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