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Below you can find an overview of our projects (ordered alphabetically).

Open Innovation

In terms of an "open innovation" approach we would be happy to receive your ideas and feedback!

Running Projects

  • AAT Living Lab:
    Our Living Lab test room currently is rebuilt at our new location. Meanwhile it already serves as testbed for our projects.
  • APH-Alarm:
    Comprehensive safety solution for people with Aphasia. In summer 2022 the evaluation of the first version with users and carers in Hungary, Portugal and Austria was completed. An improved app is currently being tested.

Our current focus of work is on Assistive Technology for the so far neglected area of toilets. The past lack of initiatives is the more remarkable, as also in this area there is high need and visiting a toilet is part of daily routine. Beginning with the itoilet project for stand-up support on the toilet and the study toilet4me on application in (semi-)public environment we are currently working on the topic in several projects.
  • Diana:
    Digital Intelligent Assistant for Nursing Applications (just finished).
  • T4ME2:
    Supporting active living in (semi-) public environments by suitable toilets (just finished). See externer Linkrecent publications of T4ME2. The final field trials with prototypes in Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands have been finished and evaluated. A total of 143 users and many stakeholders were involved.

We also support the (this page is currently available in German only) UNIKATE Idea Competition by supervising participating students. On September 16th 2021 6 projects of the call 2020/21 have been awarded.
6 new projects were selected and implemented in the 2021/22 call, the awarding ceremony was on September 16th, 2022.
The new call 2022/23 is already closed. - for details see UNIKATE Idea Competition. After a joint initial incubator workshop now individual workhops with all applicants together with experts with disability are held, followed by a selection of the supported projects before Christmas.

Finished Projects

  • 3D-Finger:
    System for the auditive support of the haptic exploration of models within the teaching of blind and visual impaired students
  • AAL - Ambient Assisted Living:
    AAL aims - by the use of intelligent products and the provision of remote services including care services at extending the time older people can live in their home environment by increasing their autonomy and assisting them in carrying out activities of daily living.
  • AIA - Autonomy Internet Access:
    A telesupport server and/or client for RT-programs according the RESORT Standard.
  • AUTONOMY - The technical assistance system:
    AUTONOMY is a Technical Assistance System specifically designed to assist children and adults with profound disabilities to live a more independent life.
  • Close to the Body:
    The Ethics and Practice of Patient Clothing and Assistive Technology Design.
  • CongeniAAL:
    By a synergetic merge oft two complementary AAL-developments a highly modular, interoperable and multi-functional AAL-System will be created.
  • dehydrAAL:
    A solution for measuring the body water percentage will be investigated.
  • diAALock - Intelligent Entrance Door:
    diAALock develops innovative and intelligent components for an AAL compatible entrance door.
  • DOMEO:
    DOMEO develops assistive robots for older people.
  • e-Home:
    e-Home is an assistive home system which can prolong the time of independent living for elderly people.
  • easy entrance - workplace accessibility and useability:
    Solutions for acute problems in the job market and company certification
  • EinfachWir:
    EinfachWir is a web-portal for seniors respecting the special wishes and needs of elderly people.
  • EMU - the Textprediction-System:
    EMU is a program, that supports disabled persons writing texts with the computer easier and faster with the help of text prediction.
  • Enable:
    A wearable system supporting services to enable elderly people to live well, independently and at ease
    Solutions for biography work for older people will be investigated.
  • FASTY - Faster Typing for Disabled Persons:
    FASTY created a system for increasing the text generation rate of disabled persons by Predictive Typing and dedicated advanced input devices.
  • FRR - Friendly Rest Room:
    Reasearch on and design of a new rest room.
  • Hobbit - The mutual care robot:
    Hobbit will offer practical and tangible benefits for the user with a price tag starting below 14.000 €.
  • ICT and Ageing:
    The aim of this project is identify existing market barriers that hinder uptake of technologies for independent living.
    INCLUSO aimed to deliver a verifiable proof that ICT, and more precisely, social software tools, can facilitate social inclusion of marginalized young people.
  • is-TU Keys - the Serial Keys client:
    is-TU Keys is a full supplement for the MS 'Serial Keys' and implements the full GIDEI Standard.
  • ISU:
    ISU aimed at developing a modular sanitary unit system for supporting care givers as well as older people and bedridden persons.
  • ISUI:
    ISUI is a very flexible multi-modal user-interface.
  • iToilet:
    iToilet is an ICT enhanced toilet supporting active life
  • KSERA:
    KSERA develops a socially assistive robot that helps older people.
  • LARAH:
    LARAH aims at providing older persons with an assistive robot, to provide support and safety in their own homes.
  • Learn-Ed:
    The project developed and tested remote access techniques that can be used by students with disabilities.
  • LILY:
    LILY developed a senior-centered system for innovative management of activities of daily living.
  • LivingAll:
    LivingAll aims to increase the free movement of people with disabilities.
  • MofA - Mobilität für alle:
    Deals with problems of mobility in public areas
  • MONA - mobile neighborhood
  • MORE:
    A gsm mobile telefone with an emergency call function for elderly and disabled people.
    A modular versatile mobility enhancement system.
  • MySafeWC:
    MySafeWC is an exploration of dehydration trends and other parameters during usage of the toilet for supporting preventive measures.
  • personAAL:
    Testing different personalities of robots with an existend HRI.
  • POVES:
    POVES tackled visual impairments, e.g. night blindness, decrease of the visual field, colour blindness and impairments in contrast perception, light sensitivity and visual acuity, which cannot be compensated by conventional optical methods.
  • RisIoT:
    Market analysis and risk assessment to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things in Austrian enterprises.
  • Resort:
    Telehelp system for rt-programs
  • externer LinkScanrobot German homepage:
    Fast and reliable scanning of whole books.
  • signAAL:
    Supporting safety during nighttime by a modular, interoperable and multi-functional AAL-System.
  • SILC:
    A device with helping functions for the daily life, that can call for help automatically (if needed).
  • Sparkling Fingers:
    A system for auditory support of haptic exploration for use in the education of blind and visually impaired pupils.
  • Toilet4me:
    Toilet4me (Toilet for me) is a study on (semi)public toilets with autonomously usable physical stand-up support.
  • TeleSHIP - Telecom Service for Hearing Impaired Persons:
    Relay-Service for hearing impaired persons
  • TreSecure - security camera
  • WCBuddy:
    WCBuddy is a study on behaviour modelling on the toilet for supporting independent use by instructions.

Shifted Projects

Due to the closure of the center, some projects were shifted to others.

  • WAY-KEY:
    WAY-KEY aims at making existing technical (partial) solutions available to persons with dementia and to support them in their mobility by a strong participatory design process.

Small Projects

  • Tools:
    Some tools for developers and the daily business.
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