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The e-Home project carries out R&D activities for an assistive home system which can prolong the time of independent living for elderly people. It consists of an intelligent and adaptive network of wireless sensors for activity monitoring which is connected to a context-aware central embedded system. By learning and adapting to the behaviour patterns of the users it will allow to detect abnormal or dangerous situations and emerging medical conditions.

Early results in behaviour monitoring with distributed sensors proved the viability of the approach. Targeted research into specific technological areas and user-centred testing of prototypes will provide the solutions necessary for the practical application in home-monitoring. The scope of research to be carried out includes (among others) the real-time and parallel use of heterogeneous sensor technologies, sensor data fusion, synchronization for precise location by TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival), finding the optimum between pre-processing of sensor data before transmission and available bandwidth, the integration of energy sources like photovoltaic cells and kinematic energy and power-management for long operating periods, the reliability of an adaptive, self-learning system fed by highly non-deterministic data, the proper inference-drawing and the design of a multimodal user-interface suitable for elderly persons.

e-Home is based on wireless low-power short-range networks (unproblematic installation and spontaneous network-configuration). Sensor units will have to be simple and inexpensive (e.g. movement detection, temperature, illumination, acceleration, sound level). The sensor signals will be collected and fused by an embedded central-unit. By using adaptive pattern recognition algorithms, the central unit will be able to detect deviations from the inhabitant’s normal activity patterns and will be able to automatically call for assistance or raise an alarm via its connection to a public telecommunication network.

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Funding Information

The project "e-HOME - Context-Aware and Distributed Embedded System for Assistive Home Technology" is partly funded (contract id 815195) within the FIT-IT research programme by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

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