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Name:  Christian Beck, Dipl.-Ing.
State:  migrated to the ZID
  • Curriculum Vitae:
    Christian Beck was born in 1971 and visited the TGM (a HTL) in Vienna for biomedical and communications engineering. He graduated from the Vienna University of Technology with a diploma degree in communications engineering with the area of specialization on biomedical engineering in 1997. Then he spent one year researching biomedical hardware at the external linkDepartment of Biomedical Engineering and Physics (external linkAKH-Vienna). Christian works at fortec since 1998.
    He started his work in the group as software developer and user interface specialist within national and EU projects. He took over more and more management tasks and worked as leader in some projects. Additional research fields are participative design and special userinterfaces for different target groups. Userinterfaces (see ISUI) for disabled people and old people are the golden thread in most of his projects and is the content of his PhD thesis.
    Parallel to his research work he worked as teacher at the university and created with some colleagues the lecture accessible internet and held it for years.
  • My publications:
    before 2004
    since 2004
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