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Name:  Fritz Richter, Dipl.-Ing.
State:  He left the group
  • Curriculum Vitae:
    Fritz Richter was born 1946 in Klosterneuburg / Austria and visited the HTL /TGM Vienna (Industrial Engineering). He graduated with a diploma degree from Technical Physics at the Technical University Vienna. Mr. Richter was working in the fields of R&D management at AKG acoustics, Product management, Business Field Manager in Video Studio Design at Ericsson Schrack , CEO at Witronic (Elevator electronic); followed by working as a free consultant – BPM at automotive plant GM Powertrain- and lecturer for Business Process Management. Over some Years he became a docent at the SAP MBA Business School Klosterneuburg in the fields of Management Tools and Business Ethics .
    Since mid January FORTEC employed Mr. Richter for the field of Project Assistant, Quality Management and Business Process Management and the activations for public contacts.
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