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Name:  Gerhard Neustätter
State:  Due to the reform 2012 at inst. 0406
  • Curriculum Vitae:
    Gerhard Neustaetter was born in 1971 and studied at Nursing School of the University Hospital in Graz. After graduating in 1991 he worked at the intensive care unit for cardiac surgery and transplantation of the University Hospital in Graz and then at the Geriatric Clinic Centre Graz running the dispensary and archive. Since 1999 he is employed at the Vienna University of Technology Library. He completed his education as a librarian and supports disabled library users, takes care of the PC workstation for vision impaired or blind users, supports the library information department and the institute isTU - 'integrated study' at the Vienna University of Technology. He is interested in physical therapy techniques for the spine, particularly spine schools and straighten up techniques (Klein-Vogelbach, Feldenkrais, Dr. Brugger, Alexander Technik, Iyengar Yoga).
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