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Name:  Peter Mayer, Dipl.-Ing.
State:  Retired

If someone climbs laboriously
Into the branches of a tree
And thinks himself a bird to be:
Wrong is he."

(Wilhelm Busch)

  • Curriculum Vitae:
    I first visited the HTL Mödling for Electrical Engineering (college focusing on technical education). In 1985 I graduated from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) with a diploma degree in Electrical Engineering/Industrial Electronics. During my studies I gained practical experience in Quality Assurance in an electronics company and in the programming of control and tomographic measurement of electron beams for welding at the Institute of Industrial Electronics of the TU Wien. Since then I have been active in many national and EU-funded R&D projects in the area of rehabilitation engineering as a research assistant at the TU Wien. I concentrated on the development and evaluation of assistive devices for the disabled and old, electronics and informatics to help disabled persons.
    During the last years the focus of my work shifted to assistive robotics and smart environment solutions for old or disabled persons (AAL). My special interest is on speech input and output technology and dialogue management for multi-modal, active user interfaces for assistive technologies utilising platform overarching HTML5/Javascript techniques, smart sensors, open and privacy aware platform solutions and transdisciplinary, applied research with self-developed innovative and real-life suitable prototypes.

  • My projects:
    • external linkAPH-Alarm - Comprehensive safety solution for people with Aphasia
    • T4ME2 - Supporting active living in (semi-) public environments by suitable toilets
    • external linkDIANA - Digital Intelligent Assistant for Nursing Applications
    • WC Buddy - Behaviour modelling on the toilet to support the autonomous used by guidance
    • MySafeWC - Dehydration trends and other parameters in toilet use to support preventive measures
    • toilet4me - Personalised toilets for active living
    • Lav4All - Lavatory for All is a study on barrier-free aircraft toilets
    • RISIoT - market analysis and risk assessment for the IoT in Austria
    • iToilet - ICT-enhanced toilet supporting active life
    • personAAL - Robot personality study
    • dehydrAAL - System for measuring dehydration
    • signAAL - AAL System for more safety at night
    • CongeniAAL - AAL System
    • Hobbit - Mutual care robot
    • KSERA - Socially assistive robots for older persons
    • DOMEO - A robot for cognitive support
    • eHome - Assistive home system for older persons
    • Enable - Wearable device to assist independent living
    • before 2004

  • My publications:
    in TU database
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