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Name:  Paul Panek, Dipl.-Ing.
Telephone:  +43 1 58801 187713
Fax:  +43 1 58801 9187713
Address:  Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology
Human Computer Interaction
Argentinierstraße 8/193-05b, 5th floor, EA0514
A 1040 Vienna
  • Curriculum Vitae:
    Paul was born in 1966 and studied communication engineering at Vienna University of Technology. Since 1993 he is member of the fortec group, later external linkAAT - Centre for Applied Assitive Technologies (head: W.Zagler) working in the field of Rehabilitation Technology. Since October 2016 he is research assistant in the externer Link: HCI Group (head: G.Fitzpatrick). His main areas of interest are man machine interfaces for multiple impaired persons, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), environmental control systems (ECS) and Ambient / Active Assitive Living (AAL). 1997/98 Paul did an industrial R&D project at the external linkCarinthian Tech Research. 2006 - 2014 Paul also worked at external linkCeit Raltec institute (head: W.Hlauschek) in AAL Living Lab Schwechat.
  • My projects:
    • external linkAPH-Alarm - Comprehensive safety solution for people with Aphasia
    • T4ME2 - Supporting active living in (semi-) public environments by suitable toilets
    • external linkDIANA - Digital Intelligent Assistant for Nursing Applications
    • WC Buddy - Behaviour modelling on the toilet to support the autonomous used by guidance
    • MySafeWC - Dehydration trends and other parameters in toilet use to support preventive measures
    • toilet4me - Personalised toilets for active living
    • Lav4All - Lavatory for All is a study on barrier-free aircraft toilets
    • external linkWAALTeR - Vienna AAL test region (in German)
    • iToilet - ICT-enhanced toilet supporting active life
    • signAAL - Support of safety and reduction of work load during night shift
    • personAAL - Study on robot personality to improve user acceptance
    • congeniAAL - Integration of complementary AAL solutions
    • Hobbit - Mutual care robot
    • KSERA - Socially assistive robots for older persons
    • eHome - Assistive home system for older persons
    • Enable - Wearable device to assist independent living
    • FRR - Friendly Rest Room for older persons and persons with disablity
    • before 2004
  • My publications:
  • Memberships:
    • external linkOVE - Austrian Electrotechnical Association
    • external linkOVE GIT - Association for Information Technology (German)
    • external linkOCG - Austrian Commputer Society
    • external linkAAATE - Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe
    • external linkISAAC - International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
    • external linkIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    • external linkACM - Association for Computer Machinery
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