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Concept of RESORT

The concept of the RESORT system contains a Resort Service Centre (RSC) and several Resort Client platforms which are connected via ISDN, cable, LAN, wireless LAN etc. The system provides the following functionality:

  • RCI (Remote Control Interface) for "real time synchronisation" of RT systems
  • easy-to-use scaleable User Interface
  • real time communication and interaction (audio & video, H.323 compliant)
  • database access
  • file transfer
  • synchronisation of file systems
  • text communication
  • platform independency
  • security

and offers three different modes of operation:

  • In the telephone mode RESORT provides hands free communication between user and service provider. If the bandwidth is large enough an additional video link can be established.
  • In the student-teacher mode an additional data-link is established. The service provider will load exactly the same RT application as the user is running. The two applications - at the user’s site and at the provider’s site - will be synchronised via the data link.
  • In tele-service-mode the service provider will have the possibility to down- and upload files from and to the user’s PC, modify configurations and test the changes he/she has made.
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