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Design of RESORT System

The core of RESORT is implemented in Sun Java 1.2. The system exploits existing technologies for tasks like video / audio transmission according to H.323 specification and T.120 desktop/application sharing. These applications are invoked, but not re-developed. Specific new features such as the RCI technology which allows real-time synchronisation between local and remote RT systems (even when using automatic scanning) have been developed.

RCI stands for Remote Control Interface which implements a link between the RT system and the so called RESORT controller (RC). The RCI and the RESORT protocol allow synchronisation in real time. This is possible as only small data messages are transferred instead of changed screen contents. This method dramatically reduces the required bandwidth and enables the RESORT system to provide real time monitoring of single switch users.

The Resort controller module (RC) is linked to

  • communication modules for video, audio and chat,
  • to the database,
  • to the RT system and
  • via network interface to the remote RC.

As network protocol IP is used. TCP/IP for control messages, UDP mainly for audio and video. In order to test and demonstrate the benefits of the system 2 existing RT systems have been equipped with a Resort interface.

In order to ensure a high level of flexibility several internal interfaces were introduced. The outcome is a highly modular system which allows to exchange specific parts without the need of adapting other parts. This increases the independence from 3rd party products for audio, video, application sharing, desktop sharing, etc.

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