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Remote Service of Rehabilitation Technology

Based on the results of the EU-funded project DE-4208 RESORT (1998-2001).

What is RESORT?

RESORT is a telematic system dedicated to provide remote support to disabled users and their carer persons. It combines existing technologies as video conferencing and document sharing with innovative techniques as real time synchronsiation of RT systems. RESORT provides an easy to use and adaptable user interface for TeleRehabilitation and an open interface specification which allows to make other PC-based RT systems RESORT compliant.

What is the RIG?

The RESORT Interest Group (RIG) is based on the results of the EU funded DE-4208 RESORT project which was completed successfully in April 2001. The RIG was set up in early 2001 in order to create a framework for on-going activitites in tele-support of RT.

Activities and Objectives of RIG

RIG is offering a framework for

  • users interested in beta testing and applying RESORT in field trials
  • setting up Resort Service Centres
  • developers of RT interested in evaluating the Resort SDK and Protocol
  • manufacturers interested in making their RT devices RESORTable
  • providing TeleRehabilitation services
  • discussing experiences with emerging issues of tele-help and tele support of RT

Available Documents and Evaluation Software


Available but currently NDA protected material - please contact fortec:

  • RESORT SDK Light for RT applications written in MS VB6 (released Feb.2001)
  • RESORT Evaluation Kit v0.3.0.8 including SDK (released June, 2001)


Members of RIG

  • Univ.of Technology Vienna - Institute 'integrated study' (formal part of the Institute of Industrial Electronics and Material Science) ( fortec )
  • Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf ( ARCS )
  • University of Dundee - Micro Centre ( DUMC )
  • Institut for Rehabilitation Research ( iRv )
  • Elisabethinum Axams ( ELI )
  • RehaKomm - Peter Jacobi ( RECO )
  • Capability Scotland ( USCS )
  • Tayside Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology Centre ( TORTC )
  • Franciscusoord, Revalidatiecentrum voor kinderen Valkenburg, Nederland ( SRL-FO )

Contacts at fortec in Vienna

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